First Edition of SIPAT FEST Successfully Concluded at Vetta

Safety and well-being festival held throughout the week

05/24/2024 – By Andressa Guimarães, Isabela Raposo, and Ananda Jardim

Throughout this week (May 20-24), Vetta promoted SIPAT FEST, a festival dedicated to the safety and well-being of employees, organized by the HSE team in conjunction with CIPA+A. The Internal Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT) is an essential event for promoting topics related to safety, health, and well-being in the workplace. This year, the company innovated by transforming SIPAT into a festival, allowing all employees to enjoy a variety of activities and content both in-person and remotely.

During the event, content on safety, health, and well-being was offered in various formats, including texts, informative videos, live sessions, and awards. On the first day, the theme was "Prevention for a Healthy Life." Short and informative videos on healthy eating, vaccination, and dengue were made available, as well as special content on "How Climate Change Affects Your Life."

"Safety in Daily Work Routine" was the theme of the second day, featuring videos on first aid kits and the use of office spaces. Additionally, a hybrid live session, both in-person and remote, was held with the fire brigade officer of the building where Vetta's headquarters is located in Belo Horizonte. On this occasion, he covered basic notions of how to react in emergencies, how to prevent and combat fire outbreaks, and how to help a person in specific situations such as choking, fainting, seizures, etc. He also demonstrated the correct way to assemble and use the fire hose and properly handle the extinguisher if needed.

On the third day, the focus was "Mental Health as a Foundation," with videos on anxiety, technology addiction, and our Ethics Channel. Additionally, the #TurningMetalsGreen space was made available to employees, aiming to encourage reflection on the conscious consumption of resources.

The theme of the fourth day was "Ergonomics in Practice." Employees had the opportunity to watch a video with tips on how to set up an ergonomic workstation and keep their backs stretched during work. Furthermore, a hybrid live session was held with the ergonomist from the company FisioErgo, which included a labor gymnastics session at the end. Throughout the day, employees at Vetta's headquarters could receive a Quick Massage to help everyone relax.

To make the festival's dynamic even more interesting, employees were invited to participate in the SIPAT QUIZ, and at the end, the 10 people with the highest scores were awarded a kit full of exclusive gifts. On the last day, SIPAT FEST concluded with Vetta Connection SIPAT, where the Quiz winners were announced.

The initiative to promote the SIPAT FEST Festival reaffirms Vetta's commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of its employees, promoting a culture of prevention and care in the workplace.


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