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Many manufacturing processes already have some level of digitization, with diverse data sources. However, despite the availability, the analysis of these data is very time consuming. Factors such as the large volume of data, high diversification of sources, high frequency of sending (throughput), high demand for query customization, transformation and cleaning make it difficult to analyze this data in a timely manner. For this, SMS has developed infrastructure and data analysis solutions, such as SMS DataFactory, which helps plants in this complex task. SMS DataFactory is the digital heart of your plant: as a kind of data hub, it collects all plant data via one interface, evaluates it and forwards this information to the appropriate systems - to optimize predictive plant monitoring. plant, production planning, quality and energy management.

Benefit from data-driven decision-making and machine learning analytics, reduce your data analysis workload, and maximize visibility in your production processes. The SMS DataFactory enables the fully comprehensive preparation and analysis of data and thus provides the foundation for autonomous plant operation.

Digital twin
The Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a material or immaterial object of the real world that not necessarily exists, e.g. in the design phase of a machine. As the concept of Digital Twins is universal, it can thus be applied to almost everything: to machines, tools, processes, human capital, production, and quality KPI, and so on. The characteristics of this information are also various and cover all kinds of data sources, e.g., process data, master data, meta data, or ERP data. Algorithms and applications in general may help to enrich this information.
SMS DataFactory
In order to create a basis for all digitalization applications and ultimately obtain added value from plant data, the data must be available in a structured, well-organized form. To this end, the SMS DataFactory converts raw data such as relational, process, or time series data or files into information and turns it into added value.
5G Solutions
With 5G technology, the learning steel plant can provide additional information in difficult-to-access areas or for mobile stations that are recorded and can be evaluated and interconnected. System extensions, retrofits, and technologies that were not previously feasible can be realized with 5G. Less cabling is needed, and potential solutions are scalable.


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