The Asset Optimization Suite

Many manufacturing processes already have some level of digitization, with diverse data sources. However, despite the availability, the analysis of these data is very time consuming. Factors such as the large volume of data, high diversification of sources, high frequency of sending (throughput), high demand for query customization, transformation and cleaning make it difficult to analyze this data in a timely manner. For this, our predictive asset optimization solutions make it possible to carry out automatic analyzes throughout the system, thus improving the quality and efficiency of the production process. Our products and solutions focus on plant availability, inventory management and maintenance planning.

This is where digital SMS offers the right tools that can be seamlessly integrated into existing system environments and are perfectly aligned with each other: problems in the factory are first detected by Genius CM and forwarded to Smart Alarm to inform maintenance. Using the eDoc, suitable replacement parts can be identified and ordered so that a visual inspection of the plant can be scheduled using Manufacturing Execution Suite 4.0. IMMS coordinates the personnel, tools and materials required for this task – accurately and on schedule.

Process Condition Analyzer
To maintain your production processes under control and make efficient decisions, you need comprehensive knowledge of the origin and meaning of your plant's data. The Process Condition Analyzer (PCA) assists you in intelligently interpreting this data to reduce downtime and enhance maintenance activities.
DataXpert has been designed as a comprehensive platform to develop and manage condition monitoring and specialized systems that provide real-time recommendations and notifications. The platform utilizes the low-code principle, allowing users with little to no programming knowledge to use the tools with minimal training. DataXpert users can iteratively advance operational knowledge through collaboration and can share and communicate it.
Integrated Maintenance Management System
To maintain or enhance long-term plant availability, it's crucial for the client to employ a specific Plant-Specific Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) data package for preventive maintenance and visualize it through Maintenance Management Software - a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). In the CMMS realm, the SMS group is the primary partner in achieving individual client objectives as part of a holistic IMMS. The IMMS serves as an ideal interface between the digital system and the maintenance team.
Asset Optimization Platform
The Asset Optimization Platform (DataXpert) is a combination of three software modules enabling the optimization of industrial processes through digitization for process engineers, as well as equipment maintenance optimization for maintenance engineers. Digitized process and maintenance knowledge form the basis of process and maintenance optimization. DataXpert users can iteratively advance operational knowledge through collaboration and can share and communicate it.
Condition Assessment Instead of Condition Monitoring
The Genius CM Condition Monitoring Software is a modular online screening system for continuous monitoring of steel mills that records your plant's process data. You will receive real-time information about component conditions and warning messages whenever action is required. With Genius CM, you can elevate quality and availability to an entirely new level.
Digital Plant Documentation
The digitization of technical plant documentation offers new efficiency-increasing possibilities and is an important step towards the Learning Steel Mill. The Technical Services of the SMS group provide an electronic parts catalog: plant's technical documentation in a cloud-based solution.
Alarm Manager
The Alarm Manager is an intelligent alarm and maintenance management system aimed at enhancing equipment availability, optimizing maintenance activities, and providing expertise to all personnel. The software offers improved monitoring of the large number of alarms triggered in plants daily and can be tailored to individual needs.

The Alarm Manager is a web-based application designed for multiple users, including operators, shift managers, maintenance engineers, and works managers. It provides a clearer overview and better control of the numerous alarms triggered daily in plants. Thanks to intelligent prioritization, various analysis features, and options to link pointers to solutions and define automated notifications, complex and time-consuming failure analyses have been simplified. The Alarm Manager displays a clear overview of all relevant alarms and offers a plant tree detail panel.
The appropriate individuals can then be promptly notified through an automated text and email messaging service. Each unit team can also create its custom view. Long-term storage of historical alarm data enables identifying trends to point out potential shutdowns.


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