The Product Quality Suite

Even today, quality management is not an automated process in most rolling mills. A great deal of time and effort is invested in quality monitoring by plant personnel, for example to determine the exact cause of defects. Deviations in quality data require monitoring personnel to make decisions and any relevant action, such as redirecting or, in the worst case, discarding a coil, can lead to significant losses. At SMS digital you will find all the right solutions to take your quality management system to the next level and benefit from learning algorithms that allow you to respond to the growing demands of automated analysis.

Caster Throughput Optimizer
Productivity of the caster is dependent on casting thickness. Optimization is needed to consider multiple criteria such as slab width, casting speed, steel grades and alike. The casting thickness is adjusted to maximum productivity considering boundary conditions from following plant areas (furnace, mill, cooling line) coming from Level 2 models.
Width Offset Minimizer
Reducing the scrap formation by installing additional sensors to improve trimming considering seam width variations. In addition, a software module determinates the minimum required width offset ,so that the product specification is fulfilled.
Scrap Management Suite
With its Scrap Management Suite, SMS digital has developed a tool for reducing a company's carbon footprint while cutting production costs at the same time. New technologies are used to collect process and material-related information on the scrap yard. Artificial intelligence tools and mathematical models then evaluate it in such a way that the overall efficiency per ton of scrap used is enhanced significantly.
Metallics Optimizer
Metallics Optimizer uses artificial intelligence techniques to forecast the amount of undesired tramp elements in the scrap before it is melted. The Metallics Optimizer uses this forecast to calculate the lowest-cost composition for the melt's feedstock utilizing optimization algorithms.
Cracks Preventer
Cracks Preventer is an artificial intelligence system built using metallurgical expertise. It is designed to predict any defects that occur during the casting process along with the breakouts, that can be caused by them. Based on the prediction, it also suggests counter measures reducing the losses caused by defects and breakouts in real time. Cracks Preventer provides solutions to encounter defect types like longitudinal facial cracks, edge cracks, corner cracks, slivers and laminations and breakouts that might occur due to any of these defects. Cracks Preventer aims to reduce these defects, achieving up to 50% improvement defect inflicted losses.
Quality Execution System
The user-friendly concept of the QES enables the systematic introduction of an automatic coil release system for all production lines. QES captures and pools the quality data from various process stages. The software monitors, records, and ensures product and process quality along the whole production chain – from the raw material to the surface-finished final product. Rules are used in all process stages to check the extent to which quality standards are maintained as per the customer’s specifications.


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