Solutions for optimized production planning

The constant changes in market demands, triggered by digitalization, which has gained even more strength in times of pandemic and demand for digitalization and contactless technologies, require considerably shorter modernization cycles as we move towards Industry 4.0. Growing volumes of data and new means of exchanging information are resulting in closer collaboration between integrated suppliers of automation systems and facilities and plant owners/operators and end users.

Production lead times must be minimized and a high level of adherence to lead times must be achieved. At the same time, resources must be utilized optimally with reduced inventory and maximum throughput must be achieved to ensure profitability and even competitiveness in today's market. This is where digital SMS offers a variety of different software solutions that employ machine learning methods, artificial intelligence and big data analytics to monitor all production steps along the entire process chain.

Efficient production planning
The MES 4.0 manufacturing execution system is the holistic and modular solution to plan and control the entire metallurgical process chain and all production facilities as part of upgrades, expansions or new integrated plants. From customer order to finished product – the MES 4.0 custom concept supports plant operators with flexible production planning, real-time material tracking across the plant and continuous performance optimization.
Like all SMS digital modular software solutions, MES 4.0 employs the methods of machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analysis to monitor all production steps along the entire process chain – that's how you achieve dynamic production.

Maximized utilization of plants production capabilities

Reduced stock levels

Fasteer order processing

Special handing of urgent orders

Better available to promise (ATP) performance

Greater amount of hot charging

Coordination of the production for superordinate material tracking

Production Planning

Each order is unique and must be individually adapted to the specific conditions of the company based on the objectives in question. Production planning modules contribute to sustainable success in order processing through planning and control. In a first step, all data referring to customer orders and the production orders generated are collected. Next, plant sequencing comprises all production steps in steelmaking, starting with processing in the foundry and ending on the finishing line. Based on actual resources, available capacities, delivery dates and equipment utilization cost factors are optimized and transparently displayed. Stay on top of order management until the last moment, even if, in the event of unexpected deviations, ad-hoc rescheduling is inevitable.


Technical Order Generator - Technical Order Generator creates the production orders. The production order is the main data object in production planning and control and describes the requirements with regard to production and testing.

Capacity Planner - The capacity and time scheduling function is an independent software solution, which is successfully used as a standard in the steel industry for capacity and delivery date planning.

Production Sequencer - Purpose of the module Production Sequencer is the definition of production sequences for the considered equipment – meaning which orders shall be produced in which sequence.

Short Rescheduler - The Short Rescheduler supports the operator/planner in case of un-planned production events that will require on the spot changes in the production schedule.

Melt Shop Pacer - The Melt Shop Pacer optimizes the metal processing and equipment utilization in the melt shop. The main function is to keep the planned sequence of the caster even when unplanned interruptions in the melt shop occur.


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