More efficiently manage your operations in industrial facilities

Vetta has extensive experience in implementing and commissioning solutions at different levels of automation and digitization in industrial manufacturing processes, including level 2 (automation), level 3 and level 4. These applications relate to different disciplines of managing operations in facilities industrial sectors, including maintenance, production, quality, energy and sustainability. Some examples of digital solutions developed by Vetta are:

Predictive maintenance software that uses data from sensors and other sources to monitor equipment health and predict maintenance needs, enabling proactive maintenance actions to prevent equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules. This can help reduce downtime, extend equipment lifespan, and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
Production optimization software that uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize production processes, including production scheduling, resource allocation, and production performance monitoring. This can help maximize production throughput, minimize production costs, and improve product quality and consistency.
Quality management software that provides real-time visibility into quality metrics, automated inspection and testing, and comprehensive quality data analysis. This can help identify and address quality issues early in the production process, reduce defects and scrap, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and customer specifications.
Energy Sustainability Management
Energy management software that monitors and analyzes energy usage data from various sources, such as equipment sensors, utility meters, and production processes, to identify energy inefficiencies, optimize energy usage, and reduce energy costs. Sustainability management software that helps organizations track and manage their environmental and sustainability performance, including greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and water usage, and implement sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and meet sustainability goals.


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