iconOperations-wide solution, tracking emission from all scopes

In recent years, there has been increased pressure for transparency and management of carbon emissions, as well as carbon efficiency and neutrality. Tracking scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions from each product during production is not an easy task, and the quantification mechanisms that currently exist usually calculate the equivalent carbon footprint using a simple average of the total amount of emissions over a long period of time. Even more challenging is how to accurately provide breakdowns and analyses by production processes, carbon sources, raw materials, and others, eventually supporting decision on how to reduce the footprint.

Viridis Carbon is a digital solution capable of real-time tracking of the emissions generated in an industrial plant. It uses a robust methodology based on artificial intelligence algorithms which can compute and report the amount of CO2 equivalent being generated anywhere in the company, at any point in time. Viridis Carbon generates a certificate with the amount of CO2 equivalent emitted in the production of every unit of finished products that leaves the industrial plant. Unlike other mechanisms based on estimations and approximations, Viridis Carbon accurately tracks emissions related to scopes 1 and 2 through real data, which is continuously measured in the process. This high traceability of the system is promoted by the use of robust computational models and artificial intelligence tools, which synchronize a huge amount of production data and make it possible to track and correlate emissions with each piece produced. Along with scopes 1 and 2, emissions related to scope 3 are meticulously integrated and consolidated in the system.

The benefits of using Viridis Carbon go beyond the boundaries of the industrial plant. The robustness of the method brings transparency and reliability to the company, investors, authorities, and end customers, who are increasingly concerned with the origin and environmental impact of what they buy. Emissions certificates promote differentiation and add value to the products, ensuring consumers that the carbon footprint is indeed what it is claimed to be. The centralization and accuracy of information regarding emissions bring agility to the emissions inventory process and promote more efficient environmental management.


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