iconIntegrates data and transactions for energy contracts

Dealing with energy & utilities contracts is not an easy task, especially when there are various suppliers with different particularities. It is common to find mismatches between what is signed in contract clauses and what is executed in terms of consumption. Contracts may contain different non-linear clauses, including take-or-pay, modulations, and so on, which can impair management.

This may cause deviations in the performance levels established in the contract, and the customer ends up paying additional costs and penalties. Since there are often multiple complex conditions included in a contract, it is common to hide this complexity from operations and simplify terms to standard clauses and tariffs, which may easily lead to misjudged decisions and, consequently, cost increases. Typically, such contracts are decided between parties who are not fully aware of the particularities of the process and consider only global aspects of the operation.

Viridis Contracts is a digital system that manages the performance of actual contracts and also provides simulations of different ways to execute simultaneous contracts for multiple resources. The tool enables simulations for hypothetical contractual conditions whenever new contracts are negotiated. It considers a large number of commercial and technical terms, adjusting them to the particularities of the company's productive and organizational processes. Viridis Contracts can be integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to exchange financial data and execute transactions.

Reduced resource unit costs
Reduced risk of exposure to resources shortages
Reduced risk of financial penalties
Reduced financial risk from exposure to short-term energy, resources, and carbon price volatility
Reduced risk of mismatch between contract structure and execution requirements


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