iconProcess-specific efficiency deep-dive

Evaluating and improving specific process performance is a challenging undertaking due to the complexity of establishing a robust and reliable historical database, as well as defining the appropriate methodology capable of transforming available data into valuable information to support decision-making processes. Moreover, to ensure process capability in real-time, always applying the most suitable variables is not an easy task. Viridis Process is a tool that supports decision-making in continuous improvement projects as well as in real-time operation. It enables predictive analyses that simulates the outcome of performance KPIs under different conditions.

The system not only generates a centralized database of equipment performance correlated to operational conditions and best practices, but also performs statistical analyses and simulations for various scenarios, providing accurate estimations for each heat, batch, or working cycle in real-time, enabling corrective countermeasures when deviations are identified as well as predictive alerts, feedback, and operational guidance for process operators. Viridis Process streamlines the analysis process, allowing engineers to focus their time and effort on root causes and process improvement.

Reduced time for data processing
Ability to identify and intervene in suboptimal process execution conditions
Improved process execution and consistency with reduced outliers and fewer operational problems
Improved energy & resource efficiency without equipment modification nor production disruption


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