Vetta is a global industrial digitization company, with more than two decades of experience in the segment, which contributes to operational efficiency and to the reduction of energy and gas consumption through decarbonization. Since 2020, we have been working together with SMS group, a world leader in the metals segment, and we are responsible for developing digital solutions to make the world more sustainable and the industrial processes more efficient.

Decarbonization through Digitalization

Vetta´s technology is aligned with the latest market innovations to find sustainable solutions in the industry. We are here to promote energy efficiency maximization, electricity generation improvement and cost reduction in integrated steelworks to reduce worldwide carbon footprint. Due to the challenges generated by the emission of gases in steel plants and the environmental damage caused at a global level, our resources bring solutions to optimize the distribution and management of the flow of different gases throughout the operation through the automation of processes.

Vetta & SMS group

Starting in Germany and now operating globally, SMS group has forward-looking technology and excellent service in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the metals industry, becoming a world market leader. More than 150 years of experience are used in the unique expertise in metallurgy, industrial processes and digitalization to create new perspectives for the sector through continuous innovation. Vetta serves as the Center of Excellence for Industrial Digitalization within SMS group, with a team of over 300 professionals and is responsible for developing and delivering high-value digital solutions to its customers around the world.


We take responsibility and are empowered.

With autonomy and flexibility, we have the freedom to make decisions. We act with purpose to achieve the company’s objectives.


We value teamwork and global cooperation.

We share and exchange experience with our colleagues. We celebrate different perspectives and proactively strive to find solutions.


We build our culture on diversity and integrity.

We respect and trust each other. We care about people’s health, well-being and safety. We are socially and environmentally responsible.


We understand our customers and create value for them.

We listen, we ask, we learn. We adapt to local needs and reliably provide exceptional services and products.


We drive excellence and sustainable innovation.

We promote sustainability by developing green solutions. We are fully committed to continuous improvement.

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