Test Pyramid at Vetta: Strategies and Tools for Automation in Agile Development

Navigating Software Quality Layers with Specflow and Playwright

January 15, 2024 – Written by Wedla Melo, QA Specialist at Vetta

In Vetta's agile universe, test automation emerges as a key component in the pursuit of excellence in software development. In this context, automation becomes synonymous with quality and efficiency. In this article, we explore the Test Pyramid, demonstrating essential strategies and tools to ensure the quality of all layers supporting the process.

The Base: Test Pyramid

The pyramid, conceived by Mike Cohn in "Succeeding with Agile," outlines three fundamental layers: unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Understanding this structure is the first step in building a solid foundation for test automation at Vetta.

What is Automated Testing?

According to Max Rehkopf, "Automated testing is the application of software tools to automate a manual, human-driven process of reviewing and validating a software product. Most modern agile and DevOps software projects now include automated testing from their inception."

What is Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)?

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) is an agile software development technique and an extension of Test Driven Development (TDD). In BDD, test cases are written in a natural language that even non-programmers can read.

  • The language used in BDD to write test cases in a more natural form, readable by any stakeholder, is called Gherkin.
  • Gherkin follows the well-known Given, When, Then structure.

Specflow at Vetta: Aligning Developers and Non-Developers

Specflow, a .NET-based BDD automation solution, is the chosen tool for defining, managing, and executing human-readable acceptance tests at Vetta. Specflow uses the Gherkin language and, with support for over 70 languages, bridges the gap between technical and natural languages.

Playwright: Navigating Interface Tests at Vetta

In the automation journey, we encounter Playwright, a versatile tool created specifically to accommodate end-to-end testing needs. With Playwright, you can use page element locators, interact with them through actions (clicks, fills, selecting options, etc.), and navigate like a regular user meeting their needs on that web system. Playwright supports UI tests but also provides support for API testing.

In summary, the journey through the Test Pyramid at Vetta proves crucial to ensuring excellence in software development. By understanding and applying the presented strategies, from the foundations of unit tests to the peaks of end-to-end tests, automation becomes the cornerstone of quality. The chosen tools, such as Specflow and Playwright, not only facilitate the implementation of automated tests but also promote efficient communication between developers and non-developers. At Vetta, the pursuit of perfection in software delivery is driven by the synergy between technology and collaboration, where the Test Pyramid is not just a structure but an essential guide to achieving high standards of quality and efficiency in every line of code.

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