Viridis Suite: A dual journey towards sustainability and energy efficiency Reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs with an innovative solution

Reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs with an innovative solution

02/21/2024 – By Edison Siqueira, Chief Product Owner of Viridis

In a world where the urgency of climate change is undeniable, companies from all sectors are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable practices. At the same time, energy efficiency has become a priority for cost optimization and profitability maximization. It is in this scenario that Vetta's Viridis Suite stands out as a cutting-edge solution, offering an integrated approach to reducing carbon footprint and energy optimization.

Uniting Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: The Viridis Suite is a comprehensive platform developed by Vetta, designed to meet the simultaneous demands of carbon emissions reduction and energy efficiency improvement. It represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and responsible future while providing tangible benefits for companies' financial performance. Moreover, it is aligned with the widely adopted Digitalization strategy by the industry, but expanding digitalization beyond the areas of productive processes. Digitalization allows real-time monitoring of emissions as well as energy consumption, enabling the identification of consumption reduction opportunities, occurrences, and detailed analyses aligned with the production context. All of this allows even more assertive energy efficiency initiatives.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: The Viridis Suite offers advanced tools to monitor, analyze, and optimize carbon emissions. By identifying emission sources and providing real-time insights, the platform enables companies to take proactive measures to reduce their carbon footprint. This not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but can also improve the company's reputation among stakeholders, meeting the demands and aspirations of regulatory bodies and society.

Energy Optimization and Cost Reduction: In addition to carbon footprint, the Viridis Suite also focuses on energy efficiency. Through intelligent algorithms and detailed analyses, the platform identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption, optimizing processes and systems. The resulting savings not only reduce operational costs but also increase competitiveness in the constantly evolving market.

Advantages of the Viridis Suite:

• Holistic View: The Viridis Suite offers a complete view of operations, allowing a holistic approach to carbon and energy management.

• Informed Decision-Making: Real-time data and detailed analyses enable more informed and strategic decision-making.

• Regulatory Compliance: The platform helps companies comply with constantly evolving environmental regulations.

• Positive Corporate Image: By reducing the carbon footprint, companies can demonstrate leadership in sustainability and attract stakeholders committed to similar values.

• Future Resilience: Investing in sustainability and energy efficiency positions companies to face future challenges more resiliently.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future: Vetta's Viridis Suite is a testament to the company's commitment to promoting a sustainable and prosperous future. By reducing the carbon footprint and optimizing energy efficiency, companies can achieve a delicate balance between environmental responsibility and financial success. The Viridis Suite not only allows companies to contribute to the preservation of our planet but also empowers them to thrive in a world where sustainability and energy efficiency are key factors for continuous growth and innovation.

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